Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Semalam Bufday Kite :-)

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Hello guys ~
waaa , happynya semalam :-)
semalm bufday kite awak tahu tk ? 17/01/2012 .
tk tahu ? okay fine !
hehe , tk dea lh . saja ja mehh ~

btw , seriously ckp kite tk ingt pn yg smlm bufday kite -,-
hahaha .
mak kite bgtau then baru kite ingt :-DDD
hoho .

tp tk syok sbb kite demam .
huhuhu , serious tk larat .
okay , kt fb ?
mcm biasa lh wish unutk bufday lh kn .
nk tahu brapa ?
tgk bawah

alohai , tk bnyak pn .
kite tk seHOT korang lh :-)
korang msti bnyak kn ?
btw , fb bodo sat malam semalam .
mngkuk btul -..-

okay top 10 ygg wish kt kite .

1 . Abang Riz :-)
2 . My Mom And My Dad :-)
3 . Izzi Yanie Azhar :-)
4 . Yvonne Ximia :-)
5 . Syira Syahira :-)
6 . Sara Shafikah :-)
7 . Ahmad Eman Fizye :-)
8 . Mohd Fadzil :-)
9 . Suhaiza Mohamed :-)
10 . Raihana Azhar II :-)

thanks all :-)
btw , bnyak yg dari fb :'-)
tapi tak dea pn nama capital S kt wall kite ,
sedih sngt :'((

5 ulasan:

Asnisha Binti Samsudin berkata...

Happy Belated Day Awakkk :D semoga panjang umur and di murahkan rezeki ye :)

Afaff Rahim ^-^ berkata...

happy birthday awak sory lambat titew winshh :)

Bdx Kesepian !! berkata...

Asnisha | thanks sygg :)
Afaff | thanks :)

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